Manufacturing & Commerce Section

  February 28, 2013 12:02 am

Employment Relations Manager: Ramon Francalanza

President: TBA

Vice-President: TBA

Telephone: (+356) 2590 5000

Mobile: (+356) 7945 0062


The Private Sector Section, as this Section was first known, was set up in July 1978, when the Union became a general union. This Section, which was entrusted with the interests of all those employed in the Private Sector, had members from the following sectors: Textiles; Metal; Hotels and Catering; Plastics and Chemicals; Transport; Printing and Publishing; Travel and Insurance; Tobacco; Construction; Beverages; Electronics; Woodworks, etc.

The membership increased and the sectors to which the Section’s members belonged became more varied. In addition, the tourist industry flourished, thus bringing about greater demands on the Section. It was therefore decided that these members should be divided into two categories: those employed in the manufacturing and services industry; and those working in the tourist industry.

This division took place in October 1989, when the Private Sector Section changed its name to Manufacturing, Services and Allied Workers Section and the responsibility of members pertaining to the tourist industry passed on to a new section called Hotels, Restaurants, Food and Beverages Section.

Following a reorganisation programme in February 2003, this Section came to be known as the Manufacturing and Services Section.