Health Services Section

  February 28, 2013 12:01 am


Assistant Director: Gian Paul Gauci

Employment Relations Manager: Charles Vella

Telephone: (+356) 2590 5000

Mobile: (+356) 7920 0247 ; (+356) 99459136


This Section, with the name of Hospitals Employees Section, was officially set up on 1 January 1980, when the Malta Union of Nurses, who before that date catered for workers in the nursing grades, amalgamated with the then Malta Government Employees Union.

Presently, the membership of this Section does not consist solely of nursing personnel working in hospitals. It also includes paramedical staff and other related professional grades. Its members work in government hospitals and health centres, in homes for the elderly, both government-run and privately-owned, as well as in private hospitals.

In April 1998, the Section’s name was changed to that of Health Services Section so that it would portray better the diversity of its members’ grades.