About UHM

  February 17, 2013 8:07 pm


  • to unite workers into one strong homogeneous body;
  • to enhance the dignity of the worker and to improve his conditions of work as well as his economic and social standing;
  • to gain proper representation on bodies where its presence would further the interests of its members;
  • to achieve and maintain unity of purpose and action among members;
  • to foster trade unionism among all workers and at all levels;
  • to educate workers in those matters that affect them; and
  • to ascertain a good standard of living for pensioners and those who retire from work.


One of the UHM’s cardinal principles laid down in its Constitution is that it shall not affiliate to any political party and no member holding a statutory post with a political party shall be eligible to sit on the General Council and/or on the Executive Committee of any of the Sections of the Union. A Union Official or a Section’s Official cannot be involved in work of a political nature.